Getting In Touch With Your Guides

Do you ever feel like you're being guided to go somewhere or do something?
Do you sometimes feel like someone or something is watching out for you?
These are your guides.
Sometimes they are guardian angels, angelic beings, passed on loved ones or earthly light beings.
Guides are around us and want to see us succeed and be our best!
They want to help us find happiness and fulfill our life's purpose.
In this workshop, you'll learn
  • the different types of guides
  • how to identify your own personal guides and how to communicate with them
  • how to know the difference between true guides, false guides
  • how to protect yourself from negative energy
  • practice techniques and tools to help you connect with your guides, including essential oils, crystals and nature.
Weather permitting, we'll take a short hike into the woods for a Sharin-Yoku (forest bathing) trip to help balance the body-mind-soul and open the senses to connect with our guides.

in NYC  or Woodstock, NY

to Discover Your Guides
Future 2020 Dates TBA
Light fare and snacks will be provided.

Copyright © 2018 by Michelle Kennedy

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