Reiki Healing Sessions
Reiki Healing Sessions can be done in person or remotely. In person sessions can be scheduled in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY. Staten Island and Long Island locations are coming soon.
What to Expect at Your Reiki Appointment...
Reiki Healing Sessions are 60 minutes long.
We will begin with a chat prior to the session by phone or text. At your session, we will chat a little more about issues you want to focus on or clear. You'll lay down on an infrared heated table or mat to help you relax and release tension as I lay my hands on and over your head, shoulders, hands, feet, etc. and you always have the option of no touch at all. The energy will flow in and through you to where you need it most. Positive energy gently pushes out negative and you may feel the flow sensation as warm, cool, tingly or even something like a whoosh. The hands-on aspect may last 45-50 minutes with 10-15 minutes left to discuss the findings, as well as ask and answer questions. Your session may include one or more of: aromatherapy, sound healing and crystal healing. At the end of each session, we will strategize your self-care following the session (affirmations, yoga, recommendations for complimentary healthcare providers, etc.) to help you stay grounded and healthy as well as feeling calm and clear.
Sometimes, when working with clients with terminal illness or chronic issues, a session may take longer than 60 minutes or may require multiple sessions. In these cases, I recommend the deluxe healing package with follow up appointments. 
Deluxe Healing Sessions with Akashic Journeying/Karmic Clearings are 90 minutes long.
These sessions also begin with a chat on the phone/email/text when you schedule your appointment, followed by a brief chat when you arrive at your appointment. The healing time varies, but it's approximately one hour long followed by an extended reading and review of any energy blocks or karmic issues that revealed themselves. You will receive both a Reiki Healing as well as an Akashic Record Reading, digging deeper into your energetic blocks from long ago in this lifetime or before this life even began. You don't need to believe in past lives for this to work. We each carry our ancestral history on a cellular level and we can often carry the fears, beliefs and even phobias of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond through the cells we receive in the womb.
The Akashic Records are like a library in Heaven or in our soul, documenting all the karma we chose to deal with in this lifetime and any experiences in our past lives. If an experience is relevant to your lifetime or experience now, it will be revealed as a tool to help you heal, relax and destress. Your very own guardian angels and spiritual guides will keep you safe and help you to receive the information relevant to your energetic healing process. Very few energy healers can connect on this level, but this is what makes your Reiki experience special with Michelle. Some consider it to be "Karma Coaching" or "Spiritual Guidance". In the Deluxe Package, your sessions will include a combination of therapeutic techniques, such as aromatherapy, crystal healing and sound healing. With the Deluxe Healing Session, most clients are given an affirmation or mantra to continue the healing process and help you live your best possible life!
Reiki Mini-Sessions/Spiritual Consultations (30 minutes) are available for children (or pets), for more frequent routine maintenance or clients/students who require spiritual guidance in between sessions. These sessions do not include Akashic Readings. They are strictly Reiki, post-Reiki consultations or mentoring sessions (to students). Generally, your first session is 60 or 90 minutes to get the most out of Reiki. Mini-sessions are offered from time-to-time (as a special) to those new to Reiki.
Healing Circle is another way to try out Reiki with less commitment. A healing circle is when people and practitioners come together in a group. In a healing circle, you don't usually get to choose which practitioner works on you, but you do get to receive 5-15 minutes of Reiki at a very nominal cost (usually a suggested donation).
Reiki at a Distance
Reiki itself can be a leap of faith for some. Anyone who has experienced it will describe it differently, but they all say they can feel the energy flowing through them. Many of my clients that are terminally ill, homebound or just live far away choose distance Reiki. The results of Reiki at a distance are just as effective, if not more. The key is that we set an appointment and you lay quiet and still, just as you would if we were in the same room together. Energy transends all time and space and with the purity of Reiki energy, it moves efficiently to where you need it, whether you are in the same room with the practitioner or across the world. Remote Reiki is deal for children and pets, but it's good for anyone who can't make it in person. Several clients are exclusively Distance Reiki and feel all the same things as clients do in person.
Reiki for Pets
Animals absolutely benefit from Reiki! Adopted pets have shown their life history to help their new family understand them better. Just as people store trauma in the cells, muscles and tissue in the body, animals do too! As they receive Reiki, the images of their stressful or abusive past will come to the surface to help them let go and let love in at their new home. Reiki works for illness and surgical recovery for your fur-babies too!
Clients have found Reiki to be a great comfort to help them and their pet as they are crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. Their spirit receives Reiki to clear their path and help them leave this world peacefully. As their soul is released, their energy  reveals all that they want to "say". This is usually a message to their family that is quite specific and personal.
Schedule your Reiki Healing Session
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Please note there may be a surcharge for Emergency/Same Day Appointments if and when available

  • Reiki appointments must be scheduled by the person seeking the session, with the exception of children or pets. Each person that seeks Reiki must give consent to receive. Reiki may not always be a great "surprise" gift to someone.
  • Reiki is best known for its ability to relieve stress and help you find your own inner calm and balance.
  • Reiki is a complementary therapy and makes no claims to diagnose or cure disease, trauma or illness.
  • If you are being treated by a physician, you should continue with any prescriptions or therapies as directed.
  • 24 hours notice is required for the cancellation of an appointment or a $50 cancellation charge will be applied to your account.
  • As long as you are open and willing to continue the healing process, you will receive the benefits of Reiki!

Currently, all Healing Sessions, Akashic Record Readings and Trainings are Conducted Remotely Due to the Coronavirus Crisis. Please Contact by email or on Instagram or Facebook @myreikihealer with any questions or to schedule your appointment or class!

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