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All my life, people have told me I'm "too sensitive". As a child, I felt emotions deeply and felt alone and misguided. As an adult, I realized this was a gift and not the curse that others made it out to be. Reiki has helped me develop my sensitivity into something that helps others in pain, illness or suffering.

I believe that all life experiences bring us opportunity for growth, learning and healing. Sometimes we get stuck in a painful or traumatic experience. Often stress of everyday life blinds us to our greatest good. Reiki can break through those energy blocks and obstacles in our way to help us find our way back to our true selves and live the best life possible. After going through many difficult times in my own life, including suffering through childhood illness and trauma, it is through diet, yoga and Reiki that I learned to embrace all light and dark qualities within me and found true balance and peace.

There is no benefit to you or any of your loved ones to suffer or live in pain. Through Reiki, many clients have found their way back to balance. Healing from past trauma.  We all deserve to live our best life possible. YOU deserve to live your best possible life! Let me, Reiki and your Akashic Records help you begin.

Michelle's Bio

In 2003 Michelle Kennedy became a yoga teacher. She was pregnant with her first child and received her first Reiki Healing from a fellow yoga teacher who said that Michelle had "healing hands". It was an incredible experience feeling pure energy flow through her body with a strong sense of love, peace and warmth.


In 2005, Michelle's husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma on the same day she found out she was pregnant with their second child. He began Reiki treatments before beginning chemotherapy, which the oncologists recommended he start right away. In the one Reiki treatment he received before chemo, his tumor had shrunk so significantly that he was able to avoid radiation and a more invasive treatment of his cancer.  Michelle was awakened to her calling as a healer and decided then that she had to be attuned to Reiki.


For over a decade, Michelle has been channeling pure Reiki loving energy to help her clients alleviate stress, anxiety, PTSD, pain and many other ailments. She incorporates intuition, sound healing, aromatherapy and crystal energy to help her clients realign their energy to the best version of themselves. Michelle says, only then can a person live in balance with the universe and live life to the fullest.


Michelle is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher as well as a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners (IARP). She is also an E-RYT (Experienced/Expert Registered Yoga Teacher), Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (Specialist) and Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (Specialist) with the National Yoga Alliance

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