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The Quickening

Over the summer, while practicing Reiki on myself, I received a vivid and intense download. I knew I had to write down what was being told to me and was instructed to share it with others, far and wide.

My spirit guide kept repeating "the quickening" and I repeated back and received confirmation. I said, "like in pregnancy?" and again, they confirmed. In pregnancy when women start feeling the fetus move in the womb, it is called the quickening. At first it feels like gas bubbles, later like fluttering or a light tapping. As the progress, it becomes clear that the sensations are more than gas or hunger, but the body forming inside the womb.

There are so many facets to this download and meditation! It is about trusting intuition, embracing change, and loving all aspects of self fully, unconditionally, and unabashedly. There is a disconnect from self-nurturing that society and religion have taught us is shameful or selfish. This is absolutely untrue. It is time to go deep within ourselves, perhaps even back into our time in the womb, to recognize the miracle that we each are and the magic our life force holds.

Listen for more:

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