• Michelle Kennedy

Treat Yo'Self 2019!

It’s a new year! Time to start treating yourself better. Self-care is not selfish. We each have a right to be healthy and happy.

Start small:

1. Don’t make big resolutions that set you up to fail. If you have big dreams, set weekly or monthly tasks to achieve that help you get closer to that goal.

2. Shed fear! Fear keeps us from moving forward and sometimes sends us backwards. Master your fear by digging in and saying to yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

3. Be brave! Just starting something new takes a little bit of courage. Be the loving support you crave and bravely pursue your dreams and 2019 goals!

Can’t get there on your own? Consider a behavioral therapist, personal trainer, professional organizer or Reiki Master to help you prioritize and motivate yourself! Happy New Year to All!

Copyright © 2018 by Michelle Kennedy

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