Usui Reiki Level III Training & Attunement Retreat

April 4-5, 2020

Discover how the Master Level can change your experience with Reiki!


Reiki Level III is the Master Level Training of Usui Reiki, which is required by most wellness centers to practice on others as a professional. There is no licensing for Reiki Practitioners at this time, but the Master Level Course will prepare you for what working as a professional Reiki Master will include.

Saturday will begin at 12pm, when we will go right into our training background, meditation and attunement. Saturday we’ll start practicing with the energy, the Master Symbol and other symbols that come with this level. Because this is a two-day retreat, we will have more time to cover the business side of being a Reiki Master as well as the responsibilities as a Reiki Master. We will go over techniques for becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, but it is strongly recommended that you attend at least one level I and one level II attunement (at a discounted rate) to bring all of your training full circle. Many Master Teachers require a "Level A & B" to the Master Training. I am happy to have Master Teachers Interns at my Attunements so that you feel confident as you add Teacher to your official title! We will break for lunch & dinner and everyone will have free time during the evenings. We will end the day with a meditation by the fire pit (weather permitting) or in the solarium under the stars.


Sunday begins with a continental style breakfast buffet at the house. We will practice working with symbols on each other as well as complementary healing modalities, spirit guides and even touch on Akashic Records. We will part ways on Sunday afternoon around 1:30pm.

Usui Reiki Level III Training you will:
  • Receive attunements and the last traditional Usui sacred Reiki symbols to receive and transfer Universal Life Force Energy as well as pass on attunements to students of Reiki.
  • Learn to utilize the sacred symbols and the process to attune others to the symbols and healing energy of Reiki.
  • Gain the ability to heal over long distances and through past, present and future.
  • Review the ethical responsibilities when using Reiki on a professional level.
  • Practice techniques, drawing and learning symbols as well as how to attune others during a Reiki training.
  • Review Reiki Level I & II highlights to help in planning training sessions with your own students.
  • How to stay "in-tune" with your attunement and stay grounded during individual healing sessions, multiple sessions in a day, as well as giving attunements in a  group setting.
  • Discuss bringing your Reiki practice from practitioner level to Master Teacher level.
Reiki Level III Attunement & Practitioner Training is $750 including your training materials. $150 deposit holds your spot (by 2/29)!
Reiki Master Teacher Training/Internship (price varies based on student needs):
  • Observe and participate as an intern at each Reiki Level I, II and III attunement/training.
  • Mentor sessions are conducted in 30-minute sessions as needed.
  • Learn to utilize the sacred symbols and the process to attune others to the symbols and healing energy of Reiki.
  • Review all ethical responsibilities when using Reiki.
  • Practice self-care and Reiki grounding techniques as a Reiki Master.
Reiki Master Teacher training may require multiple meetings and mentor/internship-like sessions.
Each student will receive a handbook and certificate at the end stating you are Reiki Master Level III Certified.
Pre-requisites for ALL Reiki Training:
72 hours of cleansing your physical body to help receive the attunements and energy. This includes avoidance of caffeine, alcohol, sugar (mainly sweets/white sugar) and meat (seafood and fish are acceptable, but it's best to be completely flesh-free prior to attunement). Get a good night's sleep 24-72 hours prior to attunement.

***Prior to this Master Level Training, you must log your practice hours on yourself as well as others (worksheets available upon request. It is recommended you keep a log of a minimum of three months leading up to your registration.

It is standard that you are practicing regularly for a minimum of six months prior to your Master Level Training.

Once you are a Reiki Master, it is vital that you continue to practice on yourself regularly to keep your channel clear as well as your own body-mind-soul temple balanced.


  • This class is limited to 5 students.

  • You must register & pay deposit by 2/29.

  • There are 4 bedrooms and sharing is an option to reduce your costs.

Registration & Payment Options

  • $150 non-refundable deposit is required.

  • You are welcome to pay in three equal installments of $250.  

  • There is parking and the house is easy to get to by Trailways Bus from NYC.

  • Guests may arrive after 7pm on Friday night for $75 more.

  • Save your spot NOW!

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