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The Golden Ray Awakening

This awakening is a key component of every Lightworker and Starseed on Earth at this time.

Golden Sparkles
  • The Golden Ray is often referred to as the most powerful healing tool Lightworkers can use to help heal Mother Earth & Humanity.
  • This energy is directly connected to your Solar Plexus and can increase your self-confidence and all of your gifts and talents from all lifetimes!
  • In the current timeline of the Age of Awakening, this Ray harmonizes Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as they are intended to be.
  • Share in the collective to harness the energy of the Sacred Golden Ray and help bring the vibration of humanity into love and peace.
  • This energy is helpful for all Reiki Practitioners, but all seekers and lightworkers may participate!
All Welcome/No Prerequisite
I Want In
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