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All workshops are currently live instruction via Zoom. Participation is encouraged. Replays are available within 48-hours after the workshop ends. For Reiki Training, you must sign up at least two weeks prior to the date of the workshop. Late registration requires prior approval by Michelle.

Usui Reiki Level I

Saturday 1/28

  • Receive attunements to open and enable your body to receive and transfer this Universal Life Force Energy to others for healing yourself, family, friends, pets, plant-life, food and water.

  • Learn the history & benefits of Reiki.

  • Gain knowledge of Chakras and how they are linked to Reiki Healing.

  • Practice techniques and hand positions during a Reiki treatment or healing session.

  • $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.

 Prerequisite: Reiki Session



My Reiki Healer Membership

Continuing Soul Activations

Every Reiki student and practitioner is only as skilled as their practice and training allows. As a member, you will have access to trainings, group coaching sessions, Reiki Shares, and more!
Three levels of membership; choose the best option for you!


Lemuria & Atlantis


  • Learn about the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Mu!
  • Tap into your connection to one or both of these amazing & magical places!

Reiki Level I Prerequisite

$44 drop-in or included in

Starseed Membership

Reiki & Cancer

TBA 2022

 Many hospitals offer Reiki, because it helps patients keep a calm and positive outlook on treatment and life. We will explore the variety of Reiki care options as well as the ethics and special care required for clients.

Prerequisite: Level II Reiki
Level I with special permission

$50 or as little as $33/Month

as a My Reiki Healer Member

Hold Space


Affirmations & Meditations
for Healing & Loving Yourself

by Michelle Rose Kennedy
is Available at your local bookstore or
eBook & Paperback

15 Chakra System

& the

5D Activation

Recording Available

  • As we enter into the Age of Enlightenment and integrate our 5D activations, we are vibrating on higher spiritual frequency. 
  • Our connection with the Higher Self gets stronger and we even begin to have visions of past and future lives, more deja vú and synchronicity.
  • You will learn & activate the extensive and expansive 5D chakras.
  • We will open up to our 5D Activation and learn how to keep the energy flowing.
All Welcome/No Prerequisite

$50 or 3 for $111 for replays

Usui Reiki Level II

Saturday 2/25 tentative

  • Receive attunements and three sacred Usui Reiki symbols to receive and transfer Universal Life Force Energy in a deeper and more focused way.
  • Gain the ability to heal over long distances and through past, present and future.
  • Review Reiki Level I highlights including Chakras and how they are linked to Reiki Healing.
  • How to treat yourself and others with Reiki symbols.
  • Discuss bringing your Reiki practice from self-healing to practitioner level.
Prerequisite: Reiki Level I


Crystals & Reiki


  • Crystals hold frequencies of the earth and the heavens, both physical and spiritual.
  • Learn how crystals can assist you in healing work, amplify energy and increase your ability to connect to higher levels of intuition.

Reiki Level I Prerequisite

$50 drop-in or included in

Lv 2 Membership

Clearing Lower Energies

Recording Available

In other words, we will be talking about how to clear spaces of negative energy and entitities. Every Reiki practitioner should know the basics and in this workshop you will know that and much more!

Prerequisite: Level I Reiki Required

$50 or 3 for $111 for replays

Coming Soon

. . .

  • Trauma-Informed Reiki
  • The Akashic Records
  • The Turquoise Ray
  • Manifesting Abundance
  • The Crystalline Light/Ray
  • The Magi
  • Crystals & Reiki
  • The Elements & Reiki
  • Collective Consciousness
  • Working with Ascended Masters


Sacred Geometry

Replay Available

  • As we shift in frequency, we realize, the perfect patterns in nature and the universe are powerful in our healing practice.
  • Learn the ancient science of Sacred Geometry, that explores the natural patterns and shapes that are part of creation, growth and life itself!

    All Welcome/No Prerequisite

$50 or 3 for $111 for replays

The Violet Flame


  • The Sacred Violet Flame is a natural healing method that Reiki Masters have been using for decades. It is cleansing & empowering! It has the potential for breaking old patterns & clearing our path.
  • You will learn & activate the sacred Violet Fire/Ray/Flame.
  • You will learn about all the Divine Guardians of the Violet Flame and how to align yourself with their vibration to invoke the Flame.
Prerequisite: Level II Reiki


Usui Reiki Master Level

TBA 2022

  • All Master Level Students must have a daily self-healing practice . Each student is required to log hours of practical/clinical experience to enter the program. After the level III workshop, you will be a Reiki Master Practitioner. If you intend to teach, this program offers additional mentor/coach options to complete your training.
  • Receive master attunements and the sacred Reiki Master symbol.
  • Learn to attune others to Reiki in-person and remotely.
  • Review Level I & II highlights to plan training sessions of your own.
Prerequisite: Must have trained at least Lv II with My Reiki Healer


the Emerald Green Ray


  • The Sacred Green Ray is one of healing, balance, and harmony.
  • It is the Sacred Ray or Flame that works with the heart chakra.
  • The Green Ray also helps us manifest truth and connect with Earth frequencies.

Reiki Level I Prerequisite

$50 drop-in or included in

Lv 2 Membership

End of Life Reiki


Assisting a soul in their transition from the physical to the spiritual is a delicate practice. It is not something to take on casually. In this workshop, we will go over practical techniques, symbols, as well as protection and ethics.

Prerequisite: Level II Reiki Required


$50 or as little as $33/Month

as a My Reiki Healer Member

Healing with Sound

Recording Available

  • From the earliest days of humanity, we have used sound for healing.
  • In this class, we will talk about the most frequently used methods of sound healing alone and with Reiki.
  • You will learn to use your own voice to heal yourself and others with chanting and humming.
  • You'll learn about the different frequencies & how they benefit all areas of our mind, body & soul.
All Welcome/No Prerequisite

$50 or 3 for $111 for replays

Animal Reiki

Recording Available

  • Animals are experts at transmutation of energy and require a delicate approach.
  • Learn techniques for working with/on animals, even those with trauma.
  • Explore animal energetic anatomy.
  • Reading animal body language.
  • Explore telepathic communication with animals.
*Prerequisite: Reiki Level II

$50 or 3 for $111 for replays

*Cancellation Policy: Deposit is non-refundable. Half credit only within 14 days of class start date.


Past Workshops (On-Demand)

All On-Demand Workshops are Password Protected
Please do not share the link or password with anyone that was not part of the original workshop for privacy of each participant as well as the courtesy of the exchange each participant paid for this workshop. The video is for educational support only and is not to be downloaded or shared without sole permission of Michelle Kennedy.

The Blue & White Flame

Protection, purification and clearing limiting beliefs so that you can live your truth and help others do the same.

The 12 Chakra System

Go beyond the basic seven chakras that live within our bodies and expand to above and below!

Cutting the Cords

Learn how to cut, cauterize and eliminate the limiting karmic and emotional energetic cords in your life.

15 Chakras & 5D

In this Age of Enlightenment, our spiritual chakras are activating. Learn how to access and navigate these changes.

Sound Healing

Sound frequency is said to be the beginning of the universe as well as the first form of healing available to humans. Learn how to use sound for  healing.

The Akashic Records

Learn to connect to your own Akashic Records, your karmic history, and  your own past lives.

Meeting Your Guides

Connect with your  spirit guides, guardians and your higher self. Perhaps even your power animal. What messages do they have for you?

Intro to the Angels

The angel hierarchy and purpose for all the angels and archangels as well as how to call on and work with them.

Pink Flame
of Unconditional Love

Learn to access and utilize the purest frequency of love in the universe and find compassion and peace.

Goddess Energy

The Divine Feminine Frequency is coming into full strength in the universe and awakening into power within our souls. Nurture this frequency.

Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used since the beginning of humankind for Healing, Protection and Manifestation.


The elementals are mysterious and believed to be real in many cultures. Learn how to identify their presence and communicate with them.

Alchemize & Heal with  the Dragons

Dragons are angelic beings available to help us heal. Learn to connect with yours!

The Golden Ray
of Awakening

This Ray is the most powerful tool to help heal the earth and humanity, vibrating from source and the highest self.

Grounding for Lightworkers

Grounding is a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety, and even for traumatic triggers. Learn how to stay grounded when everything around you is in chaos.

The Violet Flame

The power of forgiveness and cutting karmic cords is vital in our spiritual healing. Learn to channel & heal with it!

Archangel Gabriel & the White Ray

Gabriel is the Archangel of the Divine white light of purification and regeneration. Learn how to call in white light

Reiki for Animals

Learn the various techniques to best assist "Man's Best Friend"  to heal with Reiki.

Prerequisite: Lv 2 Reiki

The Threefold Flame
of the Sacred Heart

With this class and activation, you will connect to the purest level of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in your own heart and soul.

Sacred Geometry

All that is sacred in the universe comes from a frequency. Each frequency takes form. Learn the shapes that shape and heal us!

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