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Reiki & Your Pets (National Pet Day, April 2018)

Reiki is just as helpful for our furry friends!

Today is National Pet Day! Give your fur-baby an extra big hug or treat today as you show your favorite photos of them on social media! And if you want to give them (and yourself) an extra special gift today or any day, consider Reiki!

Our pets are much more sensitive to energy. Have you ever noticed how your pet knows when you've had a hard day at work and need a nuzzle? Or how they cuddle up with you when you're sick? Our furry friends are in-tune with our energy and see it in a way that we can only imagine. For them, Reiki is natural and, I imagine, feels like a really good massage. But not only that, it also can help connect to any of their own "issues" or a traumatic past.

I've had many animal clients in the past. Often, I'm consulted during illness and other times it's to help newly rescued pets transition to their new family and home. Most of my animal clients respond best to remote Reiki, when I'm not in the room with them. When a new person and smells enters their safe space, it can be more disruptive and stressful to them. From a distance, while they are resting, I can connect to them through an energetic channel (like a radio frequency) and help them relax, clear away blocks and allow for their bodies to connect to their own ability to heal themselves.

Just like Reiki for people, sometimes our pets' past traumas can be stored in their cells. I once had a stranger's dogs "tell" me about her horrific life in a hoarder situation. I had no past knowledge of this dog's history. I merely connected as I do for any distance Reiki session. As the dog was releasing the anxiety and stress of her past, I was seeing images of the cement, dark space. I heard loud barking, howling and growling. I felt hunger in my stomach and even smelled the acrid filth that she had endured. Another pet had severe anxiety related to fireworks. We did a few distance sessions and his owner said he would raise his head out of a sound sleep every time I started the Reiki session. There are so many more stories to share! Animals are our little soul companions and natural energy healers themselves. To me, it's clear that animals deserve a little Reiki for all they do for us every day.

As pet owners, we know our fur babies have souls. Of course they have a memory and respond to trauma as

well as positive life-force energy. Reiki is a wonderful way to celebrate our pets or any family member willing to receive Reiki and begin a journey of relaxation and healing.

Want to schedule a session for your pet? Maybe yourself too? Email me at or reach out by DM on Instagram @MyReikiHealer

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