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I can't tell you what a miracle your reiki session was for my [dog] in her final moments. I think about it all the time. And now I have those words. Words of comfort and knowledge. Knowing her feelings and our past together is now a gift. Thank you! Thank you!                    - Diane


 Michelle, you saved my life!      - Gabrielle 

 Thank you for the work you do!         - L.R. 

 Thank God for you. [Brooklyn] needs you. 

 Our very own medicine woman!  - Angela 

 Thank you Michelle. I'm crying, I'm so         

 grateful.                                            - Carrie  

I love being a person’s first Reiki expe

I had never heard of reiki or had done meditation before. From the the first experience I was hooked. I felt calm, and it helped me to find a way to deal with daily stress. A few years later I was having some medical issues and had read that reiki helps, and is even used in top hospitals along with western medicine. I contacted Michelle for some private sessions. When I couldn't make it to her, she said she could do "distance reiki". I would text her before bed and she would do it while I was laying down in my own bed and she was in her home. Next day she would email me a very detailed summary of what she felt and saw. It was life changing. I did a few sessions again while going through fertility treatments and some personal stresses. I can't begin to explain how this has changed my life. I am now able to help control my stress and much more into spirituality. I have since moved away from Brooklyn and still cannot find a class or yoga teacher as great. I often have her do reiki on myself and my 2 girls at a distance and can't wait to read her findings.


- Suzanne Z


I really cannot recommend Michelle enough. She is truly an intuitive healer and our sessions have been awe inspiring. I have no idea how any of what happens during our reiki session is possible and yet something always magical and indescribable occurs. Such releases, breakthroughs, wisdom revealing, shifting of energy, and intense healing is always present for our sessions and I can’t wait for more and continue down this path. 

- Jonathan M

I’ve been working on more and more peopl

Yoga and Reiki with Michelle was an uplifting and positive experience.

I was diagnosed with MS and a seizure disorder a couple of years ago.

My illness created immobility issues and diminished my physical and

mental well being. Michelle has a tremendous heart and soul. She was

kind enough to come my home frequently to help. She tailored the yoga

to my capabilities and I began to see improvements with mobility.

Michelle also worked with me on Reiki which helped tremendously with

my mental and physical well being. Her meditation techniques made me

feel relaxed and grounded with positive energy. She was extremely

knowledgable, supportive and patient with me. She has a big beautiful

heart and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her will not be

disappointed. I think of her as one of my guiding angels.

- Rita B

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