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Meet Michelle

Reiki Sensei Practitioner & Akashic Records Guide

All her life, people have told Michelle she was "too sensitive". As a child, she felt emotions deeply and felt alone and misguided. As an adult, she realized this was a gift, not a curse. As a Reiki Master Therapist, her sensitivity and intuitive gifts can help you on your journey back to you.

Michelle believes that all life experiences are an opportunity for growth, learning and healing. After going through many difficult times in her own life, including suffering through childhood illness and trauma. It is through diet, yoga and Reiki that she learned to embrace all light and dark qualities within her, finding true balance and peace.

Sometimes people get stuck in a painful or traumatic experience. In today's world, everyday stress can be stagnating or even blinding. Reiki can help you break old patterns of fear or imbalance and back on the path to the real you. YOU deserve to live your best possible life!

Michelle is trauma-informed (by life and training) and inclusive to all who seek balance through Reiki energy and the Akashic Records.
She incorporates her intuitive gifts with a variety of alternative healing modalities into your session. Your in-person or remote session may include sound healing, aromatherapy, crystal healing, oracle cards and/or shamanic journeying. Michelle will tap into your ancestral, spiritual, cellular and energetic layers. Passed on loved ones may make contact and your past lives may be revealed. This unique combination of healing modalities helps you to make peace with your shadows  and release the baggage of past trauma, karma,fear and stress
to live at your highest energetic vibration possible!

Reiki is a complementary alternative health therapy for many conditions. Anyone of any age, religion, race, gender or even species can benefit from Reiki Energy Healing.

What are the Benefits of Reiki?

Stress Relief & Mental Health

Some of the earliest scientific studies have shown that Reiki reduces stress. It is helpful as a complementary natural therapy in treating depression and anxiety as well.

Pain Management

Many studies have proven that Reiki is an effective drug-free solution for long-term pain management.


This unique way of combining Reiki with the Akashic Records to deal with the trauma has helped many clients.

Women's Issues

Pregnancy, postpartum, fertility, childbirth, child loss, feminism and equality. We will address any karmic patterns keeping you from balance, love or the life you want.

End of Life & Grief

Reiki has been a go-to for those suffering a terminal illness. Reiki is a comfort to both  patient and family members. In addition to Reiki's therapeutic benefits, the intuitive/Akashic Records work I do adds a unique support to the  transition as well as the grieving process.



"I can't tell you what a miracle your reiki session was for my [dog] in her final moments.

I think about it all the time. And now I have those words. Words of comfort and knowledge.

Knowing her feelings and our past together is now a gift.

Thank you! Thank you!"

 — Diane


All sessions include a recording of the notes and feedback of what came up and through.


Reiki & Akashic Records Guidance

90 Minute Session

You will receive a Classic Reiki Session as well as a journey back into your childhood, ancestry and/or past lives relevant to your obstacles, baggage and blocks right now. The Akashic Records often shed light on your career, kindred souls and more. Your reading will be recorded and emailed.


dog running with toy


Distance Reiki for Pets

30-40 Minute Session

Pets do extremely well with remote sessions. A new person in an anxious pet's home can often make matters worse. Every owner has mentioned that they knew when the session started and/or ended by how their pet's behavior changed.


Reiki Treatment


Reiki Healing Session

60 Minute Session

In your hour session, you'll receive Reiki healing wherever your body, mind or soul needs it. There is very little touch involved, yet there may be physical sensation as positive energy enters, negative energy leaves and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body comes back into balance.




Reiki for A Loved One

45-60 Minute Session

As a beloved family member is approaching time of death or has recently passed on, Reiki can be a comfort for the soul of the loved one in spirit as well as the loved ones left behind to grieve. This is a beautiful way to say goodbye and let a loved one go in peace.



Reiki for Children Under 10

40 Minute Session

Children without trauma or chronic conditions/illness require much less time in a session, because they are usually more spiritually connected. However, if a child suffers from trauma, anxiety or any chronic conditions or illness, a full session is recommended



Mentorship & Intuitive Guidance

30 Minute Session

Sometimes even a 90 minute session is not enough time. In our 30 minutes, we can discuss goals, practice techniques to develop psychic intuition,  consult oracle cards to clarify a specific question or explore meditation, yoga or other tools to keep you balanced between sessions.


Recording of your session notes included!


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