Reiki is ancient, mysterious and often misunderstood. Ultimately, Reiki is a complementary integrative method of healing. Originating in ancient Tibet, Reiki is known for its ability to heal your body and soul and help you find your own inner calm and balance. As more studies come out, it's being proven that Reiki reduces pain, speeds up surgical healing and helps alleviate symptoms of PTSD.
Reiki with me is different. In our Reiki session, we tap into your ancestral, spiritual, cellular and energetic layers. We are guided to see what we need for your healing: Your personal past and family history. Passed on loved ones may send messages and we may even access your past lives. Any wisdom or messages I get from your guides, I'll tell you!
You don't have to believe for Reiki to work, but you do have to be open to the possibility and be willing to heal.

Currently, all Healing Sessions, Akashic Record Readings and Trainings are conducted remotely due to the Covid-Crisis. Please Contact by email or on Instagram or Facebook @myreikihealer with any questions or to schedule your appointment or class!

Reiki Healing Sessions are done in person or remotely. In person sessions can be scheduled in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Woodstock, NY. 
It's important that Reiki appointments are scheduled by the person seeking the session, with the exception of children or pets. Because each person that seeks Reiki must give consent to receive, it may not be a great "surprise" gift.

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