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Let It Go!

(Repost from April 2018)

Some weeks, there seems to be a theme or thread through all of the Reiki sessions. This week was "Let it go!" Sometimes, without even realizing it, we hold on to baggage (emotional/mental) without even realizing it. From a young age, we're told to "forgive and forget" and think if we say "I forgive you." that all is right in the world. Just to say the words is not always enough. We may say it, even to ourselves, but store the feelings related to an incident or a person somewhere in our mind and body. Have you ever made a mistake that you play over and over again in your head? Everyone else has long "let it go" and you sit and criticize yourself over it, over and over and over again. That kind of energy, that we play on repeat, often gets stuck somewhere in our body as well as our mind. Even if we forget about it after time, the feelings may still live or lie dormant in our bodies and creep up on us in a new way, like pain or tension.

Here's where Reiki comes in handy. Reiki helps move energy. We all start in a perfectly energetically aligned body and then life throws experiences at us that push us out of alignment. Reiki is that pure energy we started with and in a Reiki healing session, the energy of the universe flows through you to clear away what you're ready to clear and that which no longer serves your greatest good.

Little tangent: Sometimes pain, illness or negative feelings can help us move forward in life or on our spiritual path. Has anger or resentment ever helped you push through a difficult task just to prove to someone else or yourself that you could do it? That is how something out of alignment or negative can actually help us. Other times, we are not ready to "let it go" and release negative energy, pain or illness, even if it no longer serves a purpose. Subconsciously, we don't even realize it's there, we hold on to it to mull over or we've just grown comfortable with it and fear of the unknown makes us keep it.

In a Reiki session, when someone resists releasing the bad stuff, a Reiki practitioner cannot make them. Reiki, as with anything else in life, is Free Will. The practitioner can continue to let Reiki flow an allow for the greatest amount of energy a person is willing to receive (consciously and subconsciously). Sometimes, there is a voice that I hear or that the client hears (or both), saying "Let go!" Often it's repeated and the client will relax and let go. Suddenly, an flow or burst of energy will move through the person and I will see how their breath has changed and is more even or relaxed.

So how can we get out of our own way and "let it go"? On a conscious level, it can be very difficult. The "forgive and forget" method doesn't work, because it encourages us to "forget" and we can't. The important thing to do is actually dig into the feelings of the hurt, wrong-doing or self-judgment. If we don't explore it and work through it, the pain, hurt, tension, etc. will keep coming back. Reiki can help open you up and clear what you're willing to clear. Then it's important for you to continue on your own self-healing journey. It can be as simple as replacing a negative thought with a positive (affirmations), exercising or meditating. Some of my clients do a combination of yoga and Reiki or Reiki and therapy. Some clients had been in therapy for years and only began to make progress once they started having Reiki sessions to open and clear the buried issues. It's important to have outlets to let it go in a healthy way so that you don't allow your feelings and hurtful thoughts to get stuck. It's a beautiful thing to find your inner balance and peace. Whatever you're struggling with, perhaps it's time to let it go. Contact me if you'd like to try the Reiki approach.

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