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Our Loved Ones Never Leave Our Hearts...

(Repost August 2019)

Grief is tricky. Grief is tricky. Our love for a person never dies or leaves us, so the feelings of grief can come up here and there for the rest of our lives. A few years after my Nana died, I saw rice pudding in the store. I never ate it, but she made it at every holiday...and somehow that triggered me to tears. I don’t get that way anymore over rice pudding; the kids think it’s funny and tease me about it. I can find the humor in it. However, the lesson is clear: We can’t prepare for it—anything can trigger the grief and sadness of our loss. Still, take comfort in knowing that our love is so strong that it never dies and our loved ones live on in spirit and feel that love for and from us.

Grief is love that hurts, because we no longer have that person to send and receive that love...

When someone dies, time doesn’t heal all wounds. Time doesn’t move in a straight line and grief is a reminder of that. The past and present touch together in our hearts and our memories. We relive little moments from the past as if they are happening right now, because that is how soul-time works. Allow yourself to grieve for as long as you need. The more we love someone, the longer we grieve.

I am thankful for all the love in my life and as sad or angry I am over the losses, I continue to feel that love for and from them. They are not forgotten. They are not gone forever—just gone in this form. I am so grateful for Reiki and the ability to feel connected to them and ease the grief through Reiki.

Be kind to yourself. Cry. Laugh. Smile. Ugly cry some more. And know you’re not alone. 🙏💞

If you are grieving and would like to schedule a Reiki appointment that either does or doesn't include connecting to the Akashic/Heaven realm, contact me at or call/text 646-362-9376.

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