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Finding Beauty in the Broken

The indelible print that trauma leaves on our souls, in our memory and even in our bodies is something we can't erase, but we can heal with help and support. When we are traumatized, we feel completely alone. You are not alone! I believe you and I believe there is beauty in the scars.

The Japanese [Reiki emerged from Japan] believe that our scars are beautiful and should not be hidden. Kintsugi is the art of enhancing and preserving the breaks in pottery, just as our own "breaks" and scars in life make us more interesting, beautiful and stronger once we heal. We are beautiful.

All the healing in the world begins with love. When we are suffering, broken or out of balance, it's hard to see the best in ourselves; love can break through that. A snuggle from your cat. A hug from your mom. These are healing to our souls. The people closest to us get to see all sides: happy, sad, angry, scared. They love us unconditionally. When we are in a healthy, balanced state, we can also love ourselves unconditionally. We can see that all aspects of ourselves are beautiful; even the cracked or broken pieces can become beautiful.

The Universal Life Force that is Reiki is like unconditional love and it heals! Reiki and talk therapy compliment each other very well in relation to depression, anxiety and PTSD. I've had therapists recommend me to their clients with PTSD and I've recommended my clients to therapists. PTSD is multidimensional in the way our memories are stored in the brain and in the cells within our body. A smell, a sound, a touch can trigger a reaction. Together, Reiki and talk therapy have a way of releasing and clearing the heightened reaction and pain involved in the stress and anxiety involved. Some clients say that Reiki saved their lives.

I believe that we can only heal from trauma with help. We need at least one other person to be part of a collective to hear us, help nurture us and direct us towards empowerment. We must find effective professionals/therapists/healers in order to move beyond the trauma.

When looking for a therapist or energy healer, I encourage you to do your research about him or her. Find a therapist that specializes or has special training with PTSD or sexual trauma. Often professionals with EMDR training have some background and it is an effective treatment for many. Ask about their techniques and how they would help someone like you.

When researching a Reiki or other energy healer, ask them about their training and philosophy.

  • Do they have experience working with trauma?

  • Do they practice self-healing or self-care?

  • How do they keep their own energy field clear?

If it doesn't feel right, it's not right for you. The people that help us the most, have compassion, a love and honesty about the work they do. Choose those people and you will have a better chance of finding your own true self and let go of suffering. Suffering silently keeps us from our greatest potential life. Seek help. Each of us deserves a good life!

The strongest and most beautiful people I know have been through something difficult, painful or even horrific. In time, with healing, each of us can learn to embrace the damage of our past and emerge in glorious beauty.



The National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 or

The Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

If you can't bear to speak about it, but prefer to chat online, RAINN has that option!

There is help and understanding out there.

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