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Grieve in Your Own Time

Last week was one of grief. Multiple clients arrived carrying heavy emotional baggage containing loss, grief and unresolved anger. In all of that, love is woven in. Grief is love that has nowhere to go. When we don’t find a place to express our love for the person or pet that has left this earthly plane, we feel incredible sadness.

If you had a routine with your loved one, like waking up to a hug or kiss, acknowledge that and give yourself space to imagine their spirit in front of you, receiving your hug or kiss. If you called your grandpa once a week, write a letter in a journal to your grandpa or find a quiet space that you can talk out loud to him as if you were on the phone.

Energy never dies! Love doesn’t die and our souls live on. One client’s loved one said he hears her every time she talks to that photo. She knew exactly what I was talking about. And she doesn’t always talk out loud. We are eternally connected to those we love. We are kindred spirits and our energy blends and overlaps with each other in both life and death.

Time alone does not heal wounds; time and love does. Love the ones you’ve lost, feel their love from beyond and love yourself! ✨❤️🙏🙌💕✨

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